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Our Charitable Cause 

  The Hot Spot Studio proudly supports The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust as our chosen charitable cause.  At the end of the year, a portion of our proceeds go to help and save orphaned baby elephants in Africa.  The elephants are in a critical situation with Ivory demand surging again not only in China, but here in America on the black market as well.  One is poached every 15 minutes. At this rate There Will Be No Elephants Roaming in 2025...

We believe every little bit counts, and in addition to donating ourselves, we can also use our little platform to help spread awareness.  Kristin Davis' powerful movie 'Gardeners of Eden' inspired can find it on Pivot TV, or just google it. 

For more info and if you would like to donate as well, go to:

   The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a Kenyan wildlife conservation charity founded in 1977 in memory of David Sheldrick by his widow Daphne Sheldrick. It assists and advises the Kenya Wildlife Service and manages an orphanage for elephants and rhinos. This trust is reintegrating orphaned elephants back into the Kenyan wildlife, and is a World Elephant Day associate.