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How It Works...Just drop in!


Pottery Painting

  1. Choose your piece.  We have hundreds of items to choose from, dinnerware, kitchen items, vases, pet dishes, banks, jewelry boxes and much more!
  2. Create your design.  You don't have to be Monet to create a Masterpiece! We have stencils, stamps, idea books etc to make the process fun and easy. Our friendly staff is here to guide you as well.
  3. Paint it! (All paints are washable and non-toxic)
  4. Leave it for us to fire overnight (this makes everything food, dishwasher and microwave safe) Items turned in by 5pm will be ready to pick up the next day!
  5. Give to someone special or keep as a treasured keepsake made by YOU!

Need it the same day? Our non-fired glitter/confetti paints can be used on decorative items and taken the same day!  This is perfect for birthday parties!

Candle Building

  1. Choose your shape, we have containers & shape molds
  2. Fill with colorful chunky wax
  3. Choose a fragrance like: bubble gum, plumeria, chai tea, monkey farts, cotton candy, ocean to name a few...
  4. Top it with fun shapes and glitter
  5. "Candle Bling" add gems and sea shells to your candle creation, and we will show you how to carve your candle to bring out the bling!
  6. Take home and give as a sweet smelling gift or keep for yourself!

Party Tip:  Candlemaking is a great option for parties for all ages because they are ready the same day!