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5.0 star rating

I came here with a friend and because we've never made candles, we decided to do that and because we could take it home the same day.

So we picked what shape we wanted. There are containers or molds of different shapes and sizes. The price is written on the containers and molds that includes the wax, scent and glitter. There are shells and other pieces for toppings that is 25 cents/piece.

There are a lot of different scents to choose from too, so that was hard to decide. I ended up picking sea salt and orchid and that helped me base my candle "design." It was easy enough because you fill up the container with small chunks of wax and top it off however you want. After that, we gave it to the workers to add the scent and glitter and were told to come back in 30 min. That was plenty of time to walk around and eat at Liberty Station.

Overall, we had a great time and the candles turned out beautifully! If we had more time, we would've done the paintings but we were happy with our candles :)


My sister and I came here for her birthday. We had a great time. Lots of colors to work with and sponge shapes etc. Had a great time and the employees were very helpful. My ceramic bowl came out so cute.



"I had my daughter's birthday party here.  It was perfect. Spacious and fun environment and friendly staff.  For birthday party, you get a table designated for your food and drinks etc.  you can do as much decoration you like.  They r so flexible. I highly recommend this place." Tiffany G. San Diego


So happy to have found this place!! Way better than any Color Me Mine I went to growing up. I love the relaxing/ creative ambiance, the independence of creating your own art, and the other activities they also offer besides painting ceramics (succulent gardens, candles). Reasonably priced and very friendly staff. Great place for a date night!  --Alysia J.  San Diego


Hada great day painting here! They charge you like 20 dollars for the pottery you want to paint and you can use whatever paint you want. We sat there for over 2 hours and the people working there were very helpful and provided good advice. They provide many different colors, brushes, etc. afterwards, they bake your work of art and you can get it the next day!

You can also make candles here but I haven't done that yet.



Patricia Y., San Diego

This is the best place to paint pottery!

The studio room is light and airy with a cool breeze! I went to another pottery place that was small, dark and stuffy--much too uncomfortable when it is hot.

They have a great selection of items to paint, and a large selection of colors!

The customer service is excellent! I spent a day there finishing a large piece and they were so accommodating!

I was able to get my pieces back within a day or two. This is a really fast turnaround time for pottery.

Martina S., San Diego

Love this place!
We did our daughter's 6th birthday party. there's plenty of room for everybody. They had so much fun, and they went home with their own pottery painted as goody bag.

I love to come here during weekends. Our girls and I just enjoy being here and painting while chitchatting. Staff is really nice and helpful always.

Way to go!


Joy G., La Jolla

We were looking for something different to do and found Hot Spot online. Today we made 2 candles and we love them! The girls who work there were really helpful and sweet. I LOVE that they have no studio fee. There is also a really cool option on the pottery side to turn a painted box into a candle when you return to pick it up for only a $5 upgrade! We will definitely be back!


5.0 star rating

Amy Y., San Diego 

No service fees? Food & drinks are allowed?  SOLD!

Came here to do a girls night out and what a success! Easy parking lot for parking, lots of selection to choose from (normally, sadly we were there on a day where most of the ceramics were out but they try to replenish regularly), and great friendly service from the lady that was working there!

They have a variety of colored paints to choose from, stencils to use, and even a section where you can make your own beautiful candles! I am definitely going to try to come back to try to make a candle, they came out so wonderful for the people that did it when we were there.

Another great thing is that it only takes a day for them to complete the whole burning kennel thing, most other places say at least a week for some reason!  I will definitely be back! :)


5.0 star rating

Kimmy Y., San Diego

Ever have that feeling of excitement of writing some place an AWESOME review?! Well, this place is definitely one of them!

Perfect for a girls' night out, date night, birthday parties, or even just something out of the ordinary! Located in Liberty Station, this awesome ceramics place was so much fun! You get to pick what you want to paint and paint/decorate how you want! Or you can also choose to make candles here!

So many great things about this place-where to start?! Okay here we go!
1) FREE PARKING in its own parking lot!
2) Plenty of benches/work stations for big parties (I'd still call ahead for reservations for big parties and possibly on the weekends).
3) You can bring snacks (make sure to bring your own cups but they did have a wine opener at the place thank goodness!).
4) There is NO STUDIO FEE! How awesome is that!
5) Best part: the service here was awesome. A lot of it DIY (you get to pick out the piece you want (prices are written on the piece but pencil won't show once they put it in the kiln), you get to pick your own brushes, stencils, and even get to put your own paint on your own plate palate! I love the independence. Even better the lady working here (sorry I forgot her name) was such a sweetheart, greeted us when we got there and let us know how the set up was. She even let us stay a bit later than closing because 2 hours is just not long enough for a paint session!

Hours are Sun-Wed 10AM-7PM and Thurs-Sat 10AM-9PM. For the ceramics, they will fire it overnight (and everything you make is dishwasher/microwave safe!) and they can be picked up in a day or 2 depending on when you finished your ceramic piece. We came on a Monday night so selections were a bit limited as to what you can paint because they're obviously doing very well for themselves, especially on the weekend! Also depending on what piece you choose, prices can range from $15-$60.

I loved this place and can't wait to come back to try the candle making!


5.0 star rating

Frances W., New York

This was an amazing experience.  I spend about 4 hours painting at my leisure and hanging out with my girlfriends.  Great service / friendly personnel.

Also love the fact that we could bring out own food and drink.


5.0 star rating

This place is cute and nice, and great for any ages. Last year I bought a gift certificate for a 5 years old girl, and she really enjoyed painting there. I'm going to take her next week  to the Spot for her 6 year birthday . 

-Anzhella B, San Diego 


5.0 star rating
i love candles since my fiancee got me hooked to it made our first candle together a lil crappy on my part but my girl made it better with glitter and awkward 3D formations
5.0 star rating

 1 check-in

This is a fantastic pottery painting "spot" for any size group. It was a HUGE hit today when I took my mom-in-law and son for a grandparent/grandson activity!

The Hot Spot's colorful sign can be seen off the Historic Decatur Road. There's ample free parking in a lot directly out front. Inside the store, it's big, bright and roomy. You'll see a good assortment of ceramics with pre-tax prices written in pencil. Items cost $20-60 on average (10% yelp check in helped). We purchased a large square plate for $38.

After selecting and paying for your ceramic item, you dust off the pencil and can get started! Find your paints, grab a palette or two and get painting! I loved the following aspects that made the Hot spot different from studios I've visited in the past:

-You can use as many paints as you want
-Fine-tip (? Sort of like puff paints) are provided and really helpful for lettering
-Stencils, stamps, pencils are provided 
-Idea books, magazine cut outs, and lettering books are available for inspiration!

Once your masterpiece is done, you put it on the rack. If you finish painting by 5 pm, it will be ready by the next day after 5 pm. 

Jessica assisted us during our visit and she was so patient- even sitting down to help do my 18-month-old's handprint! :) I will definitely be back to paint again and highly recommend it!

1/11/2014  I wasn't sure what to do with my Little Sister (from the BBBS program) and found The Hot Spot Studio on Google. My Lil and I enjoyed our time here. Since it was our first time painting our own pottery, the two girls staff were veeeery welcoming and helpful. They guided us through the process from picking up our pottery to picking and explaining the paint process.
The staff made sure we were doing Ok by checking on us regularly... AND not only us, but everybody that was there.
This was a super cool and kid friendly environment. The studio is very airy and light. The place is big enough and prices are very reasonable compared to other places I looked into.
I believe I will come back at another time to paint more stuff. :):):) Teresa G, San Diego

5.0 star rating

 1 check-in

Loved this place!! Katelyn helped us. She was amazing! 
She assisted me with doing hand and foot prints of my 8 month old daughter. We had to give it the tries, but without her I wouldn't have been able to get perfect prints :) 
I also take a very long time to do art pieces. I love that there are no time limit, and no extra fees. Wonderful wonderful place! So much fun!! 
Next time, I'm bringing my own bottle of wine ;)

  • The Hot Spot Candle Making Pottery Painting & More - San Diego, CA, United States
  • The Hot Spot Candle Making Pottery Painting & More - San Diego, CA, United States 
12/15/2013 Went there for my birthday with my sister and niece.  Such a fun place with a great selection on pottery to paint and you can make candles too. Staff was friendly and helpful.  Linda C. San Marcos
5.0 star rating

Best pottery place ever

On Tuesday the 29 2014 we were gonna go to cool creations in pacific beach but the owner was soo RUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had 7 friends with me

Then I had the idea to go here The Hot Spot!!!!!!
Made two plates, 2 mugs one mug tall and the other small
Pretty fun right!!!



5.0 star rating
 1 check-in

Me and the kids attended a bday here and they loved it. Yesterday I took them again and I got to be crafty with them.Also the Tea shop next door delivered our drinks to our table while we painted.We really enjoyed our time here !


5.0 star rating

 1 check-in

This place was so much fun! Once my son gets older, I'll definitely bring him here! Prices are great as well as staff!


5.0 star rating

 Purchased a Yelp Deal

Our twelve year old daughter loves this ceramic and candle making artisan shop.  We hosted her birthday here 18 months ago.  High ceilings, open air feel, clean and easy with none of that crowded low ceiling strip mall feeling of other similar shops.


5.0 star rating

I love this place so much. The young lady who worked while we were there was truly amazing and the candles we made are pretty stellar too. I will be back as soon as my candle burns out.


4.0 star rating

My sorority, Delta Zeta from SDSU, had a sisterhood here and we had a great time! The staff was very helpful with any questions we had. The atmosphere at the store was laid back and made painting a very relaxing thing to do. There was many options for items to paint. I will definitely be going back soon!!

5.0 star rating

I went to Hot Spot Pottery with my sorority last weekend and it was so much fun! This was my first time painting pottery and I will tell you I will for sure go back! All of the workers were so nice and welcoming. The atmosphere was very nice and open! The music was perfect as well. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for 


5.0 star rating

Such an amazing pottery place!  Hot Spot is great for anything from individual to large groups and has a massive selection of objects to choose from. By far the best in San Diego!





11/22/2013  "I love the hot spot, and so do my kids, 7 and 9.  Very laid back yet helpful atmosphere.  The pottery is mostly in the $20-$25 range so figure a family of four gets out just under a hundred.  My hyper kids seem to settle down when doing these ceramics and it is really cool to see how they turn out after being fired.  I am going to have my kids make coffee cups for presents for my kids this Christmas.  I have been three time so far.  My kids used to go to build a bear, but this is half price and takes 10 times longer so it is a much better activity."  Richard T. Ramona CA, Yelp

11/8/2013  "this is a great place. i've taken my daughter and friends here multiple times to paint items and they loved it"  Kanani M. San Diego, Yelp

10/31/2013 "Jamie was a great service to us first time here woukd deff come again bring your favorite beverage and have a ball kid friendly lots of fun."  Philip M. San Diego, Yelp

chunky candle and kitty cat (before firing)


10/28/2013  "Great BIG selection to choose from. Very friendly! Good for even the little ones. Brought my little man In and he had a blast making grandma a special candle. The prices are reasonable considering they allow you to bring your own food and drinks in and NO studio Fee!"  Kathleen M. San Diego, Yelp

    Halloween candle made for Grandma.

9/18/2013 "This place is great! A unique spot in this city. I would go weekly if my schedule permitted! The folks working there were very helpful and the quick one day turnaround to see your completed work of art is great. I was so excited to see what I had created! Great for kids too! Messes okay!"  Leah M. San Diego


Our finished products!

8/7/2013 "Just spent the last 3 hr here with a friend and each us of spent the morning painting  pottery. Studio staff there have a great attttude -- help when you need it and leave you to have fun once you get going. Good choice of colors. Everything clearly marked. All the tools and equipment are there so you just show up and have a great time. Glazes well-labelled in clean bottles. All pottery and glazes are food appropriate and even microwave safe. We brought our coffee to get the creative juices flowing & they supplied everything else for a relaxing morning there! Can't wait to see my masterpiece after they fire it...."  Kate C. San Diego-Yelp

8/5/2013  "I love Liberty Station and within this great destination spot lies another little gem, The Hot Spot.  I came with 4 other friends to spend the day painting ceramics and we had a blast.  This place is big and airy and has open doors to beautiful grassy areas, just sitting here is relaxing, then add in the wonderful attitude of take your time with your painting and you relax completely.

There were many choices which took time to  decide on a ceramic.  Once I decided I paid for my item and sat down with my friends to design.  There are tons of colors, stencils, stamps and examples to choose from.  The woman running the shop was also very helpful in giving ideas on how to get organized and ready for the painting.

Bringing your own food and drinks is strongly encouraged and we brought homemade Sangria to help boost our creative juices (this worked better on some of us)  The prices are reasonable and the turn around time is ridiculous, you have your finished product the next day.  So if you are just visiting San Diego as long as you don't leave this until your last day, you will be set.

I really want to plan another outing here with friends.  It's a great way to unwind and promote your creativity." 
Angela A. El Cajon--Yelp

7/26/2013  "Great atmosphere, great music, and great service. Went here on a date night with my girlfriend and brought along a bottle of wine. I made a candle and she painted a bowl--- Olivia, the owner, is so friendly and helpful. This is a great spot!" Nick M. San Diego-Yelp

7/07/2013  "We went here yesterday to paint a couple pieces of pottery.  Was such a great experience.  The place was clean and organized.  Not loud, and for a Saturday was not very busy.  Prices were just for the piece itself.  The lady that worked there was super sweet and helped when we had questions.  Great location to spend time in, and would come back in a heartbeat." Nina G. San Diego-Yelp

6/29/2013 "Great experience.  Olivia, the owner, is very friendly and helpful.  She even accommodated me in picking up an item after hours.  There are plenty of gift ideas.  The shop is clean and well organized.  You can't beat the turnaround time on items that get fired overnight and are ready the next day.  I strongly encourage you to try it out for that unique gift.  Suspect that you will be back again." Timothy M. San Diego-Yelp

5/29/2013  "I love this place!!  I never knew how relaxing it was to paint pottery until I found this location.  It is wide open and clean.  There is ample space to work and lots of choices of glaze colors.  My daughter and I have made several pieces for our home as well as candles.  The staff is wonderful from the owner Olivia to all of the staff.  Love, love, love the quality time with my daughter, but don't tell her that I sometimes sneak over there for wine and cheese night with some of my mom friends, too."  Kendra K. San Diego-Yelp

5/8/2013  "I purchased a coupon which is how I found this place, and I must say I'm incredibly happy to have done so! It was an excellent experience! The pricing is definitely fair considering the amount of time and entertainment you are provided with, the staff was incredibly kind and welcoming, and the facility was very spacious! I'd definitley recommend this as a great date night, bonding experience or even a great way to entertain some rowdy children for a few hours!!"  Devon C. San Diego-Yelp

4/25/2013  "My 2 year old and I had so much fun here! The prices were awesome compared to other places no sitting fee either! The quality and variety of the pottery was a treat as well. But beat of all Olivia was so helpful! When my little one became restless she brought her crayons and paper! And Olivia helped me actually get a print from Riley:)"  Catherine S. San Diego-Facebook

4/15/2013  "Relaxed atmosphere with very helpful staff!"  Julie S. San Diego-Yelp

4/10/2013   "I liked this place! Staff was friendly and accommodating. Prices are pretty reasonable. It's fun for a family event or a girls day out. They let you bring in your own wine to sip on while you paint. Got to love that. That's why the five stars."  Lisa H. San Diego-Yelp

3/12/2013  "I brought my family here and we had a great time. If you have a little princess and you want to make her feel even more special than she already is take her here, she'll love it!!! the staff was extremely helpful and hey provided a nice atmosphere. great place and will repeat."  Jose S. San Diego-Yelp

3/2/2013  "I can't remember when I've had so much fun making special family memories! My sister Debbe turned 60 and our Mom, me and other sister and 2 girlfriends of Debbe's made special dinner plates for her. Olivia was so nice and very helpful - lots of other items to choose from, loads of paints, brushes, stencils, etc. Great for any skill level. Best thing is that they fire our creations tonight and we can pick them up tomorrow! Loved every moment and definitely will be back...and I'll bring more friends. Thank you for showing us such a wonderful time."  Michele Kole, San Diego-Facebook

2/20/2013   "I loved the nice big open space - it felt far less chaotic than some of the other places I've been, and the staff was very helpful.  We only painted pottery, so I don't know anything about the candle making, but I was impressed that our painted items were ready for pick-up in less than 24 hours. (I've waited 5-7 days at other places!)  Definitely a fun little spot for kids (ok, and me too)."  K.I., San Diego-Yelp

1/3/2013  "A lot of fun, and nice relaxing atmosphere not just because of the store itself but the Liberty Station campus is great too. I brought my kids in to make some presents for mom. Mom loved it. Kids had a blast. No studio fees. Highly recommended."   Alex S. from San Diego-Yelp  

12/28/2012  "This place is a must for everyone!!! I love taking my kids to paint their own pottery at Hot Spot. The studio is big and full of great options to paint. The owner is so sweet and helpful as well. The prices are better than every other pottery painting place I have ever been to. It is the only place I ever went to where you pay for your piece and paint for free. (Most places charge a studio fee) This was a GREAT addition to liberty station and has become a regular outing for my family. My 6 year old even wants her birthday to be there. They also have their wine night on Thursday which is the perfect night out from the kids. It is an all around great place to go and have fun for adults and kids the same." Jamie C. from San Diego-Yelp 

12/12/2012  "A great place to get together with friends and paint to your hearts delight. Usually has great mellow music playing in the background."  Dien V. from San Diego-Yelp 

12/6/2012  "What an amazing place to Have fun! I brought my kids and we all had a blast, they want to go paint again soon. I was so happy to have hand painted memories to cherish. We made Grandparent gifts and beautiful ornaments for our tree. The darling girl who worked there was helpful and very sweet. I am looking forward to having a birthday party soon. You will not be disappointed. Go and have fun!! Great date nite too!"  Anonymous 

10/19/2012  "One of my new favorite fun places to be with my family and my friends! Thanks for a fabulous night Hot Spot, your staff was wonderful and the ambience was perfect. Can't wait to come back again!"                          Jennie Stern from San Diego, CA on facebook at the hot spot pottery painting candle making & more

9/30/2012  "Having fond memories of doing painted pottery projects as a kid, I was anxious to share this experience with my own 4 year old daughter. The space is open and airy with lots of great natural lighting. They have a nice selection of items to choose from at decent prices. The gal working gave us prompt attention and provided all sorts of tips on how to make our piece turn out well. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed picking her colors, applying the glazes and her project was ready for pick up in 24 hours! A great way to spend an hour... we'll be back!"
Hayley M. from 
San Diego, CA-Yelp

9/26/2012  "This place is so much better than the other ceramic painting places I've been to. Olivia was really helpful. The shop is pretty big and spacious, really clean, great selection of items to choose from. They have candle making too, which is a fun activity and faster than the painting process, if you're short on time. Any of the ceramic or candle items would make a great gift. Like all of the businesses at Liberty Station, it's slightly tricky finding the first time, but you only need to figure it out one time. It's in Building 14, across the street from Ace Hardware, Slater's 50/50, etc."
G H. from San Diego, CA-Yelp
9/19/2012  "This place is GREAT! I took my three-year old daughter to make a present for her daddy. Lots of things to choose from and Olivia was really helpful! My daughter is already begging to go back!

Took my six-year old son back today. They had such a great time making mugs and candles! Don't know why Yelp chose to "filter" my review before. Guess this place is getting too many positive reviews...maybe because it is just that fun!"
Richelle V. from San Diego, CA-Yelp

9/11/2012   "I took my 2 1/2 year old daughter and 3 mth old son here to make something special for their mom during her first week back at work. Olivia was extremely helpful in setting us up with a project that was just right for my kids. Her customer service was friendly and supportive. The assortment of projects that kids and adults can do seems limitless. We'll definitely be back. It makes for a great outing with our kids, especially as it's located close to the NTC boat channel park and the Yellow Book Road bookstore is just around the corner."
Dane J. from San Diego, CA-Yelp

8/15/2012   "This place has it all you can make gifts or just walk in with your friends and or family its fun for the whole everyone no matter the age. You can just walk in and paint with a small group
Or you can reserve a party!! If you aren't a big painter you can make a candle, pick your sent, colors, and pieces that you want to be inside your candle then in a day or two you can go pick it up and that's all!! so easy, so fun, all ages will love it!"
Grace from Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA-Yelp